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Gain better control of your product data.


We help B2B Distributors enrich product data and grow eCommerce revenue by automating the product information management through flexiPIM.

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Manage product data from your favorite applications


Collect Product Data

Easily collect complex product data and import using various formats like .xlsx, .xls,.csv. Automate collection of data from data providers and your legacy systems using flexiPIM. With inbuilt connectors and flexible import options, data collation will no longer be a hassle.

Collect Product Data


Import different file formats of product data from anywhere into flexiPIM

Flexible Import

Set frequently used import files as templates as reuse their format whenever required

Content Aggregators

Collecting quality product content is easier with inbuilt connectors with Content Aggregators like CNET, DDS, Unilog, and Trade Service

Manage & Enrich Product Data

Build Rich and Meaningful Product Description Pages Without the Crazy Working hours. Add product images, edit, beautify and create marketing ready digital assets for your eCommerce store with Adobe-Indesign integration. You can build catchy product descriptions with ready to use templates.

Manage & Enrich Product Data

Category Management

Categorize your products and maintain a neat catalog that’s easy to use and manage

Asset management

Add, edit, and channelize assets to suit your product descriptions from one place and make your e-commerce store look engaging

Product & Product Relations

Cross-sell and upsell products with a single feature because it’s a win win for you and your buyers

Distribute Product Data

Get ready to sell more and sell wide because distribution is simple with Multi-channel and Multi-language options. With all product data in one place, channelizing product data to multiple channels can be done without the repeated copy pasting. Plus, you can be sure that only high quality data is consistently available at all touchpoints.

Distribute Product Data

Multi-channel option

Channelize product data into multiple touchpoints like your website, e-commerce store, mobile, print media with a single click

Multi-Language option

Sell to different geographic and cultural regions by connecting with them in their native language


Export product data in bulk from flexiPIM to any of your back end systems

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