BigCommerce flexiPIM Connector

Do you have a store in BigCommerce, and are you looking for a strong and secure solution to store all your product data? You reached the right place. The BigCommerce flexiPIM Connector helps businesses to control all their eCommerce, manages the master catalogue, and can centralize data all in one place.

About flexiPIM

Maintain and manage all your product data in one place.

With flexiPIM, you can categorize and store product information in a single repository which is easy to access by all teams. This way, feeding rich content into eCommerce business platforms becomes intuitive. It works best across any platform, by offering multi-channel and multi-language support.

Integration with existing commerce systems (like ERP, DAM, POS, etc.) can be done seamlessly without data loss. Bulk edit, import, and export options are also available to send and navigate files from a single dashboard. Businesses can achieve maximum growth by streamlining product data, as flexiPIM is truly engineered with reliability.

App Features

Take a look at the intuitive features flexiPIM BigCommerce Connector App offers to streamline your business.

Schedule Sync Up

The BigCommerce flexiPIM Connector App’s Schedule Sync Up option does the tasks for you - by synchronizing the data at a preset time of your choice. Whether it be per day or per week, or whenever you want it to be, just configure the time in the app and it presents the latest updated data.

Multi Channel & Language

Once the data is stored in the app, sending it to different channels is just a matter of time. If you are running a multi-website store with multiple languages, all you have to do is configure it to send the required data swiftly. Plus, there are 100+ languages to choose from.

Intuitive Integration

Companies can integrate the flexiPIM BigCommerce App with your existing ERP, CRM, DAM, etc. to ensure the data transfer is done quickly, and it delivers delightful experiences with the help of integrations.

Product Variants

No two products are the same! With the flexiPIM BigCommerce App, you can segregate products based on variants such as color, size, unit of measure, and so on. Doing this, it becomes a tad easier to locate product data, especially when you are a company dealing with a massive product scale.

Error Logs

In case you encounter any issues, such as API connection failure or maximum request breach, the app's Error Logs will help to easily identify what caused the issue so immediate intervention is possible. No matter what happens, we’ve got your back, always.

Manual Sync Up Also

Apart from automatic sync up, this app also boasts manual sync up, which lets users sync the product data whenever a need arises. Suppose, you import a large chunk of data and want to sync immediately: get it done right away without having to wait until the preset sync time arrives.

Explore the marvel of PIM

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