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flexiPIM BigCommerce Connector App

In this blog, we explain how PIM for BigCommerce helps to save and transfer product data swiftly between each other.

BigCommerce is one of the world’s foremost and leading eCommerce solution providers. BigCommerce’s purpose is to power success for brands. That goes beyond creating the best commerce platform on the market; it means revolutionizing the way people shop, work, and live.

BigCommerce Statistics

With an engaging shopping experience, advanced functionalities, faster ROI, in-depth analytics, a simplified check-out process, and an intuitive interface, BigCommerce serves as a single hub for all the company’s sales channels and makes it a top choice for online businesses.

PIM Integration with BigCommerce

The core focus of flexiPIM is to manage product related data seamlessly and effectively with minimal manual efforts. Similarly, BigCommerce also plays a massive role in maintaining product data, as there are so many online stores powered via this platform.

To ensure the transfer of product data between BigCommerce and flexiPIM happens smoothly, there arose a need for a PIM BigCommerce connector which efficiently does these things for your online store.

The flexiPIM Bigcommerce Connector App is developed as a Connector App. While creating the app for flexiPIM, the below were the areas of concern, and we have explained how can users make the best use of this app.

BigCommerce Store API Credentials

Client Token, Client Secret, and Store HashValue – these details need to be captured in the flexiPIM Bigcommerce Connector to access BigCommerce store data via BigCommerce API.

BigCommerce Store API Credentials

Take a quick look at the flexiPIM BigCommerce Connector App

Moving Categories from flexiPIM to a BigCommerce Store

For moving categories to BigCommerce store, we need to connect with the respective BigCommerce API endpoints by passing corresponding parameters. Once the parameters are connected, the Connector App will be able to collect those details from the stakeholders.

Moving Categories from flexiPIM to a BigCommerce Store

Step 2 - Moving Categories from flexiPIM to a BigCommerce Store

Moving Products from flexiPIM to a Bigcommerce Store

Before moving products to BigCommerce store, the first thing the connector has to do is allow the mapping of flexiPIM attributes with BigCommerce attributes.

Moving Products from flexiPIM to a Bigcommerce Store

If the user wants to add some flexiPIM attributes as custom fields in a BigCommerce Store, the connector will allow stakeholders to select those attributes.

BigCommerce Custom Field Mapping

Add Products to BigCommerce

Sync up Data Between flexiPIM and a Bigcommerce Store

After the data is moved from flexiPIM to a BigCommerce store, the Connector App will sync up data automatically to ensure the changes done in flexiPIM will be reflected in BigCommerce.

Data sync up can be triggered automatically, and can also be done manually. Whenever the merchant makes some changes in the backend and wants the changes to be reflected immediately, then the users have to trigger sync up in the Connector App.

On the whole, the flexiPIM BigCommerce Connector App is developed in a way to overcome many existing pain points and provide a simplified method for stakeholders to connect flexiPIM data with BigCommerce data.

Advantages of Having a BigCommerce Connector App

  • Data-Centric: Stakeholders can maintain product data in flexiPIM rather than doing it separately.
  • Data Dependency: Changes will be reflected directly in BigCommerce after the sync up if stakeholders make any changes in flexiPIM.
  • Reduce Repeated Work: Normally, users have to make data changes in both flexiPIM and BigCommerce in the absence of the connector app. The same can be avoided as the connector app syncs up data automatically.

Seamless integration with accurate data for reliability, and an auto sync option to let systems do the tasks for you. This is how flexiPIM BigCommerce App helps your business. Check it out now.

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