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From maintenance of products in a single space to managing data seamlessly with the assistance of multi channel support, flexiPIM is packed with all the powerful features you need to manage your company’s products data, and the company itself.

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Create & Categorize

With flexiPIM in place, organizing and identifying product data becomes a convenient task. You can create and manage categories for every product and attribute, so it is easily within reach to everyone in the company. Categorizing products will also ease the navigation process to customers.

Product Maintenance

All the information about the products in the store will be maintained and managed in a single window. This way, companies can keep multiple teams in the company informed about the products. Also, streamlining product data will help businesses ascertain when the stock refill is needed.

Repository Within Reach

Every product information and attributes (e.g. images, tech specs, documents, brochures, pictures, videos, translations, and more) will be stored in a single repository easily accessible to everyone. Employees no longer have to wait for files from other departments, and can get in reach of them directly.

Bulk Import And Export

There is no need to worry anymore if a bulk import or export of data needs to be done. You can easily export the files via excel or CSV file, with one simple click. Similarly, you can import data from the site onto your localhost. This option saves a lot of time for the employees.

Multi Channel Support

flexiPIM offers the best in class multichannel support, making it easy to utilize. Open window in any browser of operating systems, and it functions the same way across every platform making it a truly reliable and stable PIM system rendering excellent multi-channel support.

Manage Data Seamlessly

Integrate with ERP, PLM, CRM, or any existing systems, and run the business hassle-free. The third party API support integrates effortlessly with your existing system without having to do any major replatforming tasks. Zero data loss guaranteed.

One Tap Bulk Edit

Just like the option to bulk import and export, Bulk Edit lets you edit a massive amount of product data, all at once. If an entire set of product attributes needs to be changed, just load in the data and flexiPIM lets you edit everything in a short span of time.

Multi Language Support

flexiPIM renders multi-language support with accurate translations. Languages need not be a barrier anymore as top class support is offered to establish a niche for your business with the help of localization - helps to connect more with the shoppers and increases the site traffic.

Bird’s Eye View Metrics

With insightful reporting capabilities and accurate analytics, you can generate rich metrics to keep a tab on the workflow, ensuring nothing goes wrong. These reports also help to identify where work needs to be enhanced.

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